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Custom Training | Autodesk Certified Courses



For those companies that have complex training requirements such as offices in many different locations, a global workforce, or a solution involving multiple Autodesk® products, Gentech can analyze your needs and design a custom training program just for you. We provide a range of custom training programs, from customization of standard courses to development of custom curriculum.


Custom training is a great way to deliver targeted training to your organization needed to ensure that learning of relevant topics is maximized while reducing out of office time. Our custom training is closed to just your employees and the curriculum can be customized to organizational needs and skill level. Curriculum is tailor-made based on project workflows, industry standards and also your company’s data to ensure that learning is relevant and familiar.

Our tailor-made training can be customized for all Autodesk products or suites.


Key Benefits:

  • Course scheduling is flexible: Schedule training between your projects
  • Customised course curriculum
  • Customized courseware
  • Targeted learning
  • Ability to incorporate actual project data
  • Ability to train on project workflows incorporating multiple software applications
  • Exclusive to your firm