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AutoCAD P&ID Training | Autodesk Certified Courses

AutoCAD® P&ID Essentials

Course Description

Learn many of the essential features of AutoCAD® P&ID, including how to create P&IDs by placing equipment, connecting equipment with pipelines, and adding valves, reducers and pipe fittings. After creating the P&ID, the generation of reports and extracting data are covered. Also a part of this guide is a topic about validating your P&ID.

Suggested Course Duration: 2 days

Onscreen Exercises Included? Yes


This class is intended for users who have a need for generating Piping and Instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) or Process Flow diagrams (PFD). This class can be taken by either draftsmen or process engineers who have the need to quickly draw a P&ID or PFD.After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Create simplified steel structures.
  • Create and place equipment
  • Connect equipment with pipe lines.
  • Add inline components like valves, reducers and pipe fittings.
  • Tag and annotate the piping and inline components.
  • Create isometric drawings
  • Create orthographic drawings
  • Import and export data to Microsoft Excel.
  • Validate the generated 3D Piping Design.

Who Should Attend

This courseware is designed for users with knowledge of AutoCAD and 3D in AutoCAD.


Before using this courseware, the student should be able to understand and know how to use the AutoCAD 3D environment. In-depth knowledge of Piping Design is not required but will be helpful. It is recommended that the student have a working knowledge of Microsoft® Windows® Vista or Microsoft® Windows® XP.