Autodesk Manufacturing Conference Malaysia 2012

Posted by on 20 June 2012 | 0 Comments

In the world of manufacturing, companies are constantly under pressure from competitors, both locally and overseas. To stay ahead, companies need a coherent strategy to manage their bottom line and ultimately, protect their profits.

Design From Concept To Reality With Confidence.
Predict and Optimise Your Product Performance With Ease.

Using the practice of Lean Design to Lean Manufacturing, companies can ensure that value is added at every stage of the conceptual design to manufacturing process and that waste is reduced.


To realise the benefits of Lean Design and Lean Manufacturing, companies need the right tools to execute their strategies - tools that allow them to design, visualise and prototype new products quickly. The right tools also eliminate over-engineering and waste, even before a single manufacturing line starts up. Companies that are able to get it right see benefits in the form of increased product innovation, better manufacturing efficiency and stronger market leadership.


At the upcoming Autodesk Manufacturing Conference 2012, companies from the industrial machinery, automotive and transportation industries will share how they have used Autodesk solutions to lead the way and successfully gain a competitive advantage within their industry.